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YEAH [01 Jan 2004|04:30pm]
okay so i've moved AGAIN. i needed it. haha.

i can now be found at revolver_julia

add me or die.
talked like a french kiss kissed like wine

i finally actually went to the show that was mentioned a long time ago on one of my livejournal posts on ___kyo! yes.
very good. really very awesomely good.
except for the first band, Gigahertz.
why does everyone think an ugly-long-haired-chick screaming at the top of her lungs over too much noise = good music? i cannot fathom it.
so i see Christy Baker & Aylen O' Brian there! FANCY THAT.
especially because christy always is like "LISTEN HERE, TECNO = TECH-NOOOO!!!" so i asked here why on earth she liked MSI if she hated techo.
(i wouldn't consider MSI like, techo exactly, but it seemed techo-enough to fall into the catagory of something christy wouldn't like)
"oh because they're techno with talent".
i see!
okay tub ring now.
let me tell you something,

holy shit.

yeah i really seriously could not, for the life of me, describe how phenomanally awesome these guys are.
and what made them SUPERDUPER awesome is the fucking did a cover of Hey Ya.
OKAY HOW RAD!?!?!?!?.
that's right. real rad.
so i'm there with christine, and we're both BELTING out Hey Ya along with these guys, and it was just so fantastic. and wow, my cunt is wet.

the keyboardist for Tub Ring was superb, and that was a refreshing thought.
when Christ & I saw that there was a keyboardist for them (while they were setting up) we were like "AWW THEY HAVE A KEYBOARDIST. HOW ADORABLAH"
uh huh. and there was no shortage of hot crazy people, which was nice. there was this really fantastically dressed boy with crazy pink hair in pigtails, wearing a pink suit coat and a pink ruffled shirt and pink trousers. PINKPINK. great.
also, i imagine almost everyone was gay or bisexual, it was like a gayparty.
so i groped this trannykid, named Angel. that was fun. hahahaha, (s)he groped me right back too. someone touched my balls. who knows.

anyway, back to the keyboardist.

okay so this guy stands on top of the keyboards and like, plays with his feet and JAMS his fucking hands on the keys, he is making sweet-passionate-violent-sexlove to the keyboards and i'm like, orgasming because it's such a sensory overload. (yeah smell too, everyone smelled really bad because it was hot and jam-packed, but that was A-OK, because the music was so good)
tub ring initiated some mosh pits surrounding me, and THAT was fun ahahhaha.
seriously, i've been talking about tub ring forever, but they're megaawesomely good.

as a side note, i think it is quite grand that out of the two shows i've been to recently, i've liked at least ONE of the opening acts enough to go buy a CD. <3.

so there was a big wait, i went outside and had a cigarette, we bought water, blablabla.

and then the MSI CAME OOONNNNN.

that is some serious sexual charge. and that was nothing compared to The big j.Urine himself.
He was garbed in a lovely long coat with the words "SCHOOL IN STAY" printed on the back. grand.
with big cuffs! (i was wearing big cuffs this evening too!)
a skirt.
and one of those little mesh not-quite-a-half shirts.
so he opens with faggot, the only MSI song i know all of the words too.
(no bed of roses though!!! ;___;)
he didn't have to sing the "i've been denied all the best ultra sex" because we were for him! it was a giant chorus of crossdressers and gay kids, and ultrahardcorestraightedge::Crosses hands in front of face like an X:: WHOA!
and OMGOMGOMG. nadine would fall in instantaneous love with the bassist holy crap.
this woman, lindsay. ouch how hot?! that's right kids, fucking mega hot.
she was wearing a red vest over a sleeveless collared red shirt and a black tie.
and short gray skirt.
she had short black hair up in pig tails and heavy eyeliner. i fell in love with her.
i also fell in love with the drummer, Kitty. She is overweight and was wearing a shirt with a big "X" on it, and man oh man can she fucking drum. SO CUTE!<3
the bassist crowdsurfed on one occasion, so i reached out and touched his neck and it was all sweaty, but i loved it, so i wiped the sweat on Christ & Fallon.AHAH THEY LOVED IT TOO.

So MSI ended (:0;)
[and no encore!! WTF!?]
we waited around a little and they came back out to do autographs!
SO I RAN AND PUSHED EVERYONE THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY BECAUSE YOU'RE ALL STUPID OBESE KIDS AND I'M BETTER and got Jimmy to sign my cigarettes! HAHA. isn't that fantastic?!? i think so.
and then when kitty and lindsay were doing autographs i got them to sign the same pack.
also, jimmy winked at me when i handed him my cigarettes to be signed.


no, probably not. but i'll revel in my own delusion for a moment and pretend it's because he wants me.

'kay done.

but i have a present for you characters. i have scanned both sides of my cigarette pack and even labeled (in a humble-small-text-fashion) who's signature is who's.
go sit on a towel, these are hotCollapse )
talked like a french kiss kissed like wine

you know what i don't get? [19 Dec 2003|10:55am]
[ mood | befuddled ]

why no one makes me icons, even though i make icons for EVERYONE with them asking. hm.

maybe i just expect a little nicety once in a blue moon orsomething
ah well,disregard this.

talked like a french kiss kissed like wine

Casket Ceremonies [18 Dec 2003|10:32pm]
[ mood | barely breathing ]

another beginning.
when will they end?

if you want to be added, comment. i'll give it some thought depending on the level of stupidity you show via journal entries.

talked like a french kiss kissed like wine

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